My Food Philosophy

If you’re considering working together, or even just signing up for my email list, here is a little bit more about how I approach health!

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle should be simple and sustainable with no need for diets or rules.  You don’t need the most expensive food or supplements to live a healthy life, and you also don’t need to unnecessarily eliminate food groups to feel great.  I believe that our bodies are often smarter than our minds, and intuitive eating can help us tune into, and respond appropriately to, our internal cues that will guide us to wellness. I help you discover those cues and listen more closely to how your body is guiding you.  

Working from a HAES informed perspective, I focus on behaviors rather than numbers. What you do and how you feel about food, movement, stress, and other areas of wellness will tell us a lot more about your health than the number on a scale.

I want to help you feel successful and in control of your health because you will no longer be stuck in diets that are doomed for failure.  I want to support you in eliminating fear and worry about what will be served at a party or restaurant due to excessive limitations.  I want everyone to enjoy community and connection instead of isolation due to restrictive food rules.  I believe this is all possible and will lead you to becoming the healthiest you!