1-1 Nutrition Coaching

• Health improvement from a non diet approach
• Achieving and maintaining your set point weight
• Improving lab values and health markers
• Fueling your active lifestyle
• Improving body image
• Getting out of the diet cycle
• Eating disorder recovery
• Understanding and achieving a healthy exercise routine
• and more!

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I offer 1:1 virtual nutrition coaching and work with clients in the following areas:

One-on-One Coaching

If you struggle with:

  • Taking an all or nothing approach to health (you’re either on a ‘health kick’, or neglecting it entirely)
  • Feeling stuck in the diet rules of your past because you fear weight gain
  • Continuing to overeat and emotionally eat no matter how hard you try to stop
  • Pushing yourself to do exercise you don’t love because what you like isn’t “enough” to “count”
  • Or comparing your body to everyone else’s, feeling like you never measure up

I promise it doesn’t have to be this way! I work collaboratively with my clients focusing on behaviors (not just numbers on the scale!) to get to a place of feeling confident in managing your health, exercising for enjoyment, and accepting the skin you’re in!

how to work together:

Meet with your RD for 45 min video sessions weekly or biweekly to:
  • review food logs
  • discuss challenges and progress
  • set new goals
  • plan for upcoming challenges or events
  • get personalized recommendations and support

$175/session with Kelly or Emilie
$195/session with Michelle

individual sessions

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Client testimonials

"Before I worked with Michelle I was bound by food rules and I overate certain foods that I restricted when they were “allowed”. I felt tremendous guilt when I ate “bad” foods and just thought about food entirely too much. I had no idea how to read my hunger cues because I followed arbitrary food rules instead of listening to when I was hungry and what I wanted to eat. I had a bad relationship with my body and examined and judged it constantly which left me sad and not confident. After working with Michelle, I don’t have food rules anymore and eat what I want when I’m hungry. This has resulted in so much more energy and feeling good consistently through the day. I have snacks and desserts in my kitchen that I eat when I’m in the mood for them but no longer obsess about them. My relationship with my body has improved and my health and how I feel is more important than perceived aesthetics." 

- Linnea, 45, NJ

Client testimonials

"Since working with Michelle my life has changed dramatically. I did not realize the toll that constant food anxiety/fears took on my mental health…I have gained so much confidence. I trust myself to make food choices throughout the day. I trust myself in public situations with food. I no longer fear going out to eat or social gatherings with food. I don’t worry anymore that I’m going to overeat and feel ill, or that I’m going to undereat and feel nauseous, anxious, light-headed, sweaty. I trust myself to cook and bake foods I enjoy."

- Sara

Client testimonials

"Before working with Michelle I had a disorder relationship with food that was impacting every aspect of my life. I was struggling in school and interpersonally. Working with Michelle allowed me to heal my relationship with my body and food. I would not have been able to do it without her. Michelle guided me through very hard times and I am so grateful for that. I look forward to moving past this moment empowered to confront challenges related to food as they come." 

- Drew, NJ

Client testimonials

"I would estimate that my stress and anxiety surrounding food has gone from a 10 to a 2…..I was routinely eating to a point of uncomfortable fullness before seeing Michelle. I was also finding myself very hungry before taking time to eat. Those two sensations are almost non-existent now. I'd have to think hard to recall the last time I ate to a point of uncomfortable fullness. Before seeing Michelle I also experienced a lot of fear that binge eating would return…..The binging didn't come back while seeing her, and I have very little fear that it will return in the future…..Michelle will change your life."

- Anonymous Client

Client testimonials

"Michelle is so easy to talk to and I felt comfortable sharing things I had a hard time even admitting to myself, acknowledging that my eating was disordered, admitting I really wasn’t eating enough. Working with Michelle feels like having a conversation with a good friend who tells you the honest truth, that sometimes you don’t want to hear but need to in order to be better."

- Krystina

Client testimonials

"The challenges of the ED impacted the whole family…We felt helpless…[Through working with Michelle we experienced] all the achievements throughout recovery - from eating a food item that was once restricted to being at a point in recovery that weekly, then biweekly treatment is no longer needed. 
Michelle’s approach to eating disorder recovery promotes a way of life that is sustainable and encourages one to have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. We are thankful everyday we found our way to Michelle. She is experienced, knowledgeable, supportive and caring." 

-Michelle (parent of client), NJ

Client testimonials

"[Michelle] was able to get me to think and deal with thoughts that I had really locked away. Her approach was 100% what I was looking for. Instead of focusing on "healthy" foods—which in the past has always eventually led to me abandoning a diet—she really pushed me to think about my relationship to food and to my body. I [now] spend less time during the day thinking about and planning what I'm going to eatI don't worry about gaining weight. Working with Michelle, I learned things about myself that I never thought I could; her thoughtful, caring approach has made me feel more happy in my body than I ever have been."

- Anonymous Client

Client testimonials

"Michelle was right for me because she had experience with treating disordered eating through an intuitive eating approach. [Since working together I've had] reduced rigidity with food including eliminating weighing/measuring portions and calorie counting."

- Katie

Client testimonials

"Since seeing Michelle I've reached a much healthier and holistic relationship with food, health, and my body. By not feeling like any food is off limits, I find my meals and snacks more filling, and less likely to result in binges that make me feel sick. And by getting over of my fear of being hungry, I eat the food I want without worrying about whether it will be enough. Overall I feel much more confident in my eating habits, and feel much more in tune with my body's hunger and fullness cues. And I feel much more happy with and comfortable in my body."

- Aaron, NY

Client testimonials

"Michelle never let me lose hope. She also gave me so much excellent scientific advice about health and nutrition that helped challenge my disordered thoughts. Michelle also pushed to me rethink my whole mindset towards health in general which made such a big difference.  Put as simply as possible: Michelle gave me one of the best gifts I never thought I would actually recieve. She gave me my life back and I can’t really put into words how to thank her."

-Kate, 20, NYC

Frequently Asked Questions

do you accept insurance?

i've never seen a dietitian, what can i expect?

We love newcomers! The first session is about gathering your history (medical history, any eating disorder history, background with food and exercise, etc) and talking about your big picture goals.  In follow up sessions, we work collaboratively on what you feel is top priority.  We will break down your long term goals into smaller steps to get you where you want to be as well as discuss anything going on in your life like holidays, athletic events, weddings or big events, travel, or anything else that affects your eating routine.  We check in on past goals and any medical updates and will also discuss exercise and body image. There's a lot we can talk about which makes things fun!

how long does someone typically see a dietitian?

It really varies! This is so individual and each person will have unique needs and preferences.  I recommend a minimum of 3 months to see change and progress and from there we continually re-assess and will jointly decide what kind of support is best for you!

I have more questions not listed...

Click here to book a discovery call and I can answer any other questions you have or get you set up if you're ready to work together!