Michelle, why don’t you take my insurance?

Great question! Let me explain…. I know it can be challenging to find in network providers, and you might not know why! Is it people being greedy and wanting more money? Nope! Let me provide some more context on why I do not accept insurance and how that impacts your care.

  • Insurance does not reimburse well. No, money isn’t everything…..but, yes, money is a factor. The reality is, running a business requires adequate compensation, and your providers also need work life balance in order to be the most present and effective for you! Insurance companies determine providers’ rates and they are often MUCH lower than the standard market rate. This means that I need to see many more clients in order to earn a sustainable income and run my business. When I am seeing more clients, I have fewer hours outside of 1-1 face time to do all the other things I do for my clients! (creating resources, collaborating with your team of other providers, responding to emails with any questions, reviewing food logs and giving feedback,……the list goes on).
  • The other big reason that accepting insurance can lead to lower quality care is simply because of the TIME it takes away from providers to do good work. Needing to see more clients for financial stability does take away time, but looking at only that reason is anticipating that everything goes smoothly when submitting claims to insurance. Sadly, that is rarely the case. I often need to call insurance providers when claims are not paid or are paid incorrectly (remember how I said they set our rates? and that they are not adequate? now just imagine them not even paying that rate! yikes!). The time spend on hold, being transferred, and waiting for calls and emails back is A LOT, and this also takes time and energy away from what I REALLY want to be doing – helping YOU!

So…now the question is, do I go to an in network provider or not? This is personal and only you can make the decision. Definitely check with your insurance about out of network benefits, because I do provide superbills that can get you reimbursement.

If reimbursement is not an option, can you prioritize your health and wellness in your budget? Are you willing to invest in yourself to get high quality care to reach the goals you have?

That’s not feasible for all! If it is still inaccessible to pursue 1-1 counseling, try my group program! This is a lower price point and an amazing value.

Still have questions? Set up a call! I’d love to share more info with you.