Are you curious what it’s like to work with an intuitive eating dietitian? Check out what past clients had to say! I hope this insight will give you an idea of what you can expect and how my services can help you.

“Since seeing Michelle I’ve reached a much healthier and holistic relationship with food, health, and my body. By not feeling like any food is off limits, I find my meals and snacks more filling, and less likely to result in binges that make me feel sick. And by getting over of my fear of being hungry, I eat the food I want without worrying about whether it will be enough. Overall I feel much more confident in my eating habits, and feel much more in tune with my body’s hunger and fullness cues. And I feel much more happy with and comfortable in my body.”


 “Since working with Michelle my life has changed dramatically. I did not realize the toll that constant food anxiety/fears took on my mental health…I have gained so much confidence. I trust myself to make food choices throughout the day. I trust myself in public situations with food. I no longer fear going out to eat or social gatherings with food. I don’t worry anymore that I’m going to overeat and feel ill, or that i’m going to undereat and feel nauseous, anxious, light-headed, sweaty. I trust myself to cook and bake foods I enjoy.”


“Michelle was right for me because she had experience with treating disordered eating through an intuitive eating approach. [Since working together I’ve had] reduced rigidity with food including eliminating weighing/measuring portions and calorie counting” 


“Michelle is so easy to talk to and I felt comfortable sharing things I had a hard time even admitting to myself, acknowledging that my eating was disordered, admitting I really wasn’t eating enough. Working with Michelle feels like having a conversation with a good friend who tells you the honest truth, that sometimes you don’t want to hear but need to in order to be better.” 


“I would estimate that my stress and anxiety surrounding food has gone from a 10 to a 2…..I was routinely eating to a point of uncomfortable fullness before seeing Michelle. I was also finding myself very hungry before taking time to eat. Those two sensations are almost non-existent now. I’d have to think hard to recall the last time I ate to a point of uncomfortable fullness. Before seeing Michelle I also experienced a lot of fear that binge eating would return…..The binging didn’t come back while seeing her, and I have very little fear that it will return in the future…..Michelle will change your life.”

-anonymous client

“My favorite part of [working together] was how Michelle was always able to tease out observations and realizations that I didn’t even know about myself. She was able to get me to think and deal with thoughts that I had really locked away. Her approach was 100% what I was looking for. Instead of focusing on “healthy” foods—which in the past has always eventually led to me abandoning a diet—she really pushed me to think about my relationship to food and to my body. I [now] spend less time during the day thinking about and planning what I’m going to eatI don’t worry about gaining weight. Working with Michelle, I learned things about myself that I never thought I could; her thoughtful, caring approach has made me feel more happy in my body than I ever have been.”

-anonymous client