The Parent and Caregiver’s Guide to Meal Support

Your go-to resource for how to handle meal times with your loved one in eating disorder recovery!

This ebook is a compilation of all the knowledge and skills I have gained through providing meal support in residential, PHP, IOP, and outpatient eating disorder treatment.  The guide is designed to assist anyone who is supporting someone with an eating disorder.  If you have a child, parent, partner, sibling, roommate, friend, etc. who is working on recovery then this is for you!  This guide will help you be the best ally you can while eating with your loved one.

What you’ll learn:

  • what to say vs. what not to say at the table
  • what to expect during meal times
  • how long to allot for meals
  • ideas on validating loved ones
  • increased understanding of EDs
  • what a food ritual is and how to notice them

If you are looking for information and support while you help someone in their struggle, then I hope you will use this guide to assist you through the process.